About this course

Robotics and artificial intelligence (AI) are experiencing a tremendous revolution, fueled by advances in computer processing power, an abundance of data, and the development of methodologies like "deep learning." AI-enabled Robots are growing beyond being the workhorses of industrial shop floors, and beginning to assume the roles of personal assistants, delivery vehicles, surgical assistants, assist doctors with medical diagnoses, exoskeletons, driverless vehicles, and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), among many others.

Given that Robotics and Artificial Intelligence have an important degree of interdependency, this course brings together these two areas, and offers conceptual grounding in intelligent systems, and the chance to apply theoretical knowledge in a practical setting. An artificial intelligence and robotics degree will provide graduates with a fantastic platform from which to enter a wide range of challenging sectors: such as Finance, Engineering, IT & Technology, Manufacturing & Production, Transport & Logistics, Public Sector, Defense, Healthcare, Entertainment and Science.


As AI and Robotics technologies develop, they are going to create a demand for new skills.

Students will also be encouraged to pursue a project with an industry partner, giving them ‘industry experience’.  

The students will also be encouraged to take part in national and international competitions which will further how involvement with external stakeholders.

The transferrable skills such as problem identification, analysis, modelling, solution developing and evaluation gained in this course will prepare the students for a range of careers. 

The most common fields where employment can be found will be in industries developing robotic solutions for manufacturing, healthcare, transport, energy, defense, research, etc.

Graduates roles could include,

·      Robotics Design specialist

·      Software engineer/developer

·      Embedded Systems developer

·      Intelligent Systems architect

·      Intelligence analyst in a range of sectors such as Finance

·      Further study (Masters courses, PhDs researching)

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