• Mentoring is practiced in the L.J. Institute of Pharmacy to counsel the students with respect to academics, extracurricular, co-curricular activities and career guidance. Dr Dilip Maheswari, Professor LJIP is the head of Mentoring programme.
  • Mentors continuously monitor student’s academic performance;
  • Mentors review student’s academic performance, attendance, per-registration guidance, awareness regarding rules and regulations, in some cases dropping / selecting electives keeping in view the career goal;
  • This system encourages student-teacher interaction and addresses grievances of students;
  • In this system each faculty is allotted 20 – 25 students;
  • The Mentor meets his/her allotted students/mentees as and when required, but at least once in a week;
  • Mentor and Mentees can have discussion on issues relating to personal matters in addition to academics during mentoring process;
  • Occasionally, Mentor’s meeting with the parents is conducted based on the requirement; and
  • During the meet, the student is free to express his/her views or comments orally as well as in writing.

Issues dealt by LJIP

  • Mentor’s reports are collected by the Head Mentor during 5th, 10th and 15th week of the academic calendar to monitor the mentee’s academic progress as well as to keep track of their interest as well as cause of distress;
  • The summary report submitted by the Mentor is placed before the Mentoring Committee for their consideration and during 6th, 11th and 16th week of the academic calendar, the final report is forwarded to the Head of Institution as well as parents; and
  • A progress report of each student is mailed to the parent periodically;

A diary is maintained for each student with details like:

  • Personal Information
  • Previous Record
  • Academic Performance
  • Competitive Examination Details
  • Details of Internship and Industrial Trainings
  • Scholarships Received
  • Co-Curricular and Extra-Curricular activities.

Professional Guidance: The faculty members acting as Mentors offer guidance on career options to the prospective professionals in addition to the classroom teaching.

  • During the Mentoring interaction performance in internal and final examinations, attendance in class, special achievements by the student etc, are discussed.
  • In addition to this, Mentor takes regular feedback from the students and Class Representatives about the difficulties and problems of students and discuss with Head periodically. He verifies the statement of marks and attendance of the students every quarter before informing to the parents. He also interacts with parents/guardians of the students as and when necessary.
  • Normally, the concerned Mentor has the fair idea of the performance, skill and attitude of a student. He informs the concerned authorities if any student is not attending the classes/practical/tests etc. The Mentor with the help of Class Representative monitors the implementation of Institute rules.