KSA Model & Competency Development

The KSA Model

Knowledge, skill and attitude (KSA) are the three pillars of our course design. It imparts knowledge of the past, skills to relate the past with the present, and an aptitude to look into the future. It aims to develop the right kind of attitude to facilitate the emergence of a well-rounded, professionally honed and value-based individual to suit a frontline position in the development sector.

Competency Development

The 2-year programme inputs aim to develop the following competencies:




Social Development
Managerial (Finance/accounting/HR/marketing, etc.)
Conceptual Clarity
Development Theories & Practice

Modelling: Conceptualization to Replication

Values & Ethics

Global Development Scenario and Processes with special focus on UN Sustainable Development

Community Mobilization and organization
Pro poor & Pro Marginalised

Developmental Paradigms, Policies and Programs: Global, National and Sub National

Field related Techniques and Tools
Inclusiveness & Equality

Economics and sociology of Development

Research and Analytical
Decision Making

Environment and Ecological Renewal and Rehabilitation

Social Business Opportunity Identification
Gender Sensitivity
Community Driven Development
Business Plan Formulation and Appraisal
Honesty & Transparency

Community Institutions & Development

Writing Skills & Documentation
Innovative and Progressive

Polity, Political Systems, Contemporary Politics

Conceptualising and Formulating Projects and Report Writing

Constitution & Governance
Fund Raising

Monitoring and Evaluation

Presentation & Communication

Basic English

Basic Computing and IT