Andragogy and Our Uniqueness

Andragogy, Not Pedagogy

As we aim to produce professionals who, in future, will lead civil society/development organisations, will emerge as social business leaders, and strengthen Corporate Social Responsibility related initiatives of the corporate sector, we focus on Andragogy rather than Pedagogy. The entire approach of input delivery is based on adult learning with a strong stress on hands-on experiential learning. For example, in a Studio on “Understanding Urban Poverty” a student will be required to spend about 20 days in urban slums and with informal sector enterprises. The student will be collecting information on their habitats and livelihoods, economic marginalization and social political deprivation, besides collecting information on socio-economic profile of the households, and also on informal sector enterprises. Based on the data, students will be expected to carry out the situational analysis of urban poverty and evolve strategies and interventions to address various dimensions of urban poverty.


  • Andragogy Based

  • Heavily taught by leaders of the development sector, besides academicians

  • First of its kind with a heavy focus on experiential learning

  • Scientific Approach with a 50:50 mix of theory and practice

  • Sound theoretical underpinning

  • Global Perspective

  • Grounded in Reality with a focus on studios

  • Holistic Purview

  • Leaders , not just Professionals

The MS in Development Management will focus on developing aspirants into socially committed and responsible leaders who would uphold and shape the ethical values of the organization they work in through their behaviour and performance. Students of MSDM will be imbibed with the mindset of creating shared values for their organizations and society and doing so in a manner that is transparent and ethical at all times.