About this course

The Post Graduate Program in Structural Engineering is a two-year program. It is a pioneering program that offers studio pedagogy wherein live projects under various categories are detailed, designed and solved by students under the guidance of faculty members. At LJU the designed course provides specialist postgraduate professional development across the areas of steel, concrete and timber design, structural dynamics and structural mechanics.

It enables students to develop an awareness of the commercial and social contexts in which engineers operate, knowledge and understanding of management and business practices, their limitations, current problems, new insights in the field and expertise in a wide range of engineering materials and components.


Structural engineering plays an important role in the construction industry. Postgraduates generally embark in this industry on job profiles like Chief Engineer, Project Manager, Division Head, Supervisory Engineer, Director of Public Works, Consultants, Quality Analysts, Researcher, Professor and Teachers. One can seek employment in both public and private sector. They can also work as a self-employed contract engineer or as consultants.  



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