Computer Science and Engineering (Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning) [Intake:60]

About this course

New LJIET offers Computer Science and Engineering with specialisation in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning(AI-ML) with intake of 60 students .This course covers all the core subjects of computer engineering as well as computer science with a dedicated focus on the application of  emerging technological field AI and ML. In this course students will learn to create human intelligence on the computer device that can learn , plan and solve problems autonomously.

The curriculum of this course is specially designed to teach the students various computer algorithms and applications that improves the accuracy of the devices beyond limits through various training models.Hence this course will be a complete combination of Supervised, Unsupervised, Semi supervised and Re-reinforcement learning along with the core Computer science concepts.The main focus of this course will be on Problem Solving, Reasoning, Model Planning, Natural Language Processing, Pattern Recognition and Fuzzy Logic


Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning , projects its insights on various Prediction Modelling, Pattern Identifications as well as Detection of Objects. AI and ML are going to create tremendous boost in every job sector in the future. It will create emerging career paths in the field of  Data Engineering, Data and Image Analysis, Pattern Recognition, Speech Recognition, Data Processing, Software Development, Program Management and Gesture Recognition .The demand for AI and ML certified professionals will grow along with the developments in all other Digital Technologies.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning experts can expect employment opportunities in following job roles.

  • Artificial Intelligence Engineer

  • Machine Learning Engineer

  • Data Engineer

  • Data Scientist

  • Data Analyst

  • Software Engineer

12th Pass Science Stream
(Physics+Chemistry+Maths Group)