About this course

The curriculum offers a modest number of fundamental CS and Design courses and a wide range of options for CS, design and digital media.  Given the expanding use of digital technology in various industries and fields, it has never been more necessary to have digital tools and applications. Persons combining creative and design capabilities with the ability to create trustworthy and supportive software are becoming more and more popular.

The curriculum students will be understating with a wide variety of chances in many industries, including art, entertainment, mobile application development, multimedia, product/web design, cyber safety, digital analysis and other interactive systems across all sectors to acquire interdisciplinary skills. In all IT products and services, the focus will be on user experience, interaction design and design methods.


·      Software Engineer

·      Software Development Engineering in Test

·      Software Analyst

·      Computer Programmer

·      Gameplay Programmer

·      Artificial Intelligence Programmer

·      User Interface Programmer

·      Tools Programmer

·      Game Scripter

·      Technical Designer

·      System Designer

·      Level Designer

·      Content Designer

·      Encounter Designer

·      Game Designer

·      Lead Engineer

·      Lead Designer

·      Technical Director

·      Creative Director

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