About this course

Even imagining life without electronic gadgets seems impossible in today’s world. There is no field left across the globe where one cannot find the usage of electronics and communication engineering. Perhaps that is why electronics have become the backbone of the digital world.

At LJU, Department of Electronics & Communication Engineering started the Under Graduate programme and the Post Graduate programme (M.E) in specialized electronics and communication branch called Communication Systems Engineering (CSE) is also available at LJU. 

The Department provides state-of-the-art facilities, well-equipped laboratories and faculties with a diverse and extensive background in academics and industry who through an effective teaching-learning process enables the students to have interpersonal, analytical, managerial skills and be technically sound. For the overall development of the students, seminars, workshops, and technical sessions in emerging technological areas are organized.


The term Electronics and Communication engineering denote a broad engineering field that covers subfields such as :-

  • Analog Electronics

  • Digital Electronics

  • Digital Signal Processing

  • Internet of Things

  • Embedded System

  • Telecommunication

  • Robotics

  • Mechatronics

  • Power Control and many others.

A career in any of these fields is possible for an electronic and communication engineering graduate.

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What Our Students Says

The LJ institute of engineering and technology is the place where you aren't studying through notes but through practical studies, labs, professional teaching that makes LJIET stand unique and  much more and also inclusive of curriculum activities which enhances  your overall skills for the recruiter and make you a perfect for the future endeavours !

Shrey Sheth
- Student, EC Engineering LJIET