About this course

Cities are facing increasingly complex challenges, relating to social, economic, physical and environmental concerns. Many cities lack adequate capacity and resources.

This course will enable the student to become an innovative urban manager and development specialist who analyses and develops cities based on a thorough understanding of urban theory and practice.


This course is designed to equip students with skills to solve contemporary urban issues through progressive policy making.

It extensively focuses upon socio-spatial dynamics, climate resilience, local economic innovations, management practices, entrepreneurship, governance and sustainable development.

India is projected to add 300 million new urban residents by the year 2050 to the already existing large base of 377 million urban residents. The management of such a great magnitude of population growth in urban areas is a challenge which comprises of a constant struggle of coping up with the crumbling urban infrastructure, deficiencies in urban services, financial woes at municipal level, governance issues and an unprecedented impact on environment. 

These complexities of urban growth and its management from the perspective of sustainable development requires a multidisciplinary approach and expertise. There is a severe shortage of professionals having the required technical and managerial skills for such tasks and their demand is increasing rapidly. 

In addition, the existing urban institutions and governance of cities require extensive capacity building to provide for urban development which is sustainable, equitable and enhances the liveability of urban residents. India has moved to the paradigm of smart cities where the government is investing vast amount of financial resources into the urban infrastructure which makes the need for skilled manpower much more pertinent.

The uniqueness of the programme is in promotinglearning through research-based teaching, engagement of practitioners, and a diverse pedagogy ranging from classroom teaching, tutorials, discussions about various case studies, and most importantly field work. Apart from classroom teaching the programme also exposes students to urban local bodies, parastatals and urban development consultants through two intensive internships. Overall the programme helps in building capacities for understanding the real-world urban development and management problems and identifying solutions for sustainable urban development.


Candidate with any Bachelor's Degree from a recognized University / Institute with at least 55% marks in aggregate can apply.