About this course

MCA or Master of Computer Applications, is a professional master’s degree course of 2 years, aims at grooming the software skills, enhancing the problem solving capacity of students and thus fulfilling the industry demands. The course is designed to meet up with the demands of qualified professionals in IT Industry. It is a computer science degree whose curriculum is largely based on the development of application software in diverse areas. The course describes an in-depth and extensive knowledge about computer applications.


With the digitisation of the businesses and organisations, the demand for IT sectors is found to be more in comparison to the other sectors. The demand is so high that the scarcity of IT skilled people is seen in the industry. Consequently, the scope for computer courses is on a rise and there is a high possibility for placements for computer personnel in the current scenario not only in India but also in abroad. Students with innovative ideas, creativity, analytical and reasoning skills can definitely learn programming skills through courses like MCA, Integrated MCA, MScIT, and Integrated MScIT which assists them in building the highest paying careers in IT. They can gain knowledge about designing, its implementation, the overall management of information systems both in hardware and software fields through such courses. These courses always provide a greater opportunity for jobs in various areas for them based on their interests and vacancies, thus fulfilling their dreams. 

A Professional Degree in Computer Application

Software Engineer

Hardware Engineer

Software Consultant

Web designer and developer

Computer System Analyst

Technical Writer

App Developer

Database Administrator