LJ Institute of Physiotherapy has signed MOU with Government, Private Hospitals and Clinics in Ahmedabad for the regular clinical posting of the students.


Institute of physiotherapy has its own physiotherapy department with highly qualified staff which is well equipped to meet the changing demands of training.

Physiotherapy department offers rehabilitation in all fields of specialties for the patients.  

Neuro rehabilitation- Neuro department provide services to patients with neurological disfuctions.  Therapist uses all the recent techniques in this field for the treatment of the patient.

Orthopedic rehabilitation- Patients with various orthopedic conditions were treated by recent techniques like mobilization, manipulation, MET,MFR,PRT etc.,

Cardiac rehabilitation/ Pulmonary rehabilitation – Therapist uses the latest technologies and techniques to rehabilitate the patients.

Sports rehabilitation – Therapy extended to sports persons for on-field and off-field fitness training is provided.

Pediatric rehabilitation – Children with neurological and orthopedic problems were treated using recent advance techniques by the therapist.

Geriatric rehabilitation - Old age related conditions, strength training for aged persons to overcome their weakness, balance issues were treated by our therapist.

Obstetrics and gynecology – Physiotherapy treatment for prenatal and postnatal care also patients were treated for gynecology related problems.