Candidate List


S.No Faculty Name of the Ph.D. Scholar Enrollment No. Research Topic Supervisor / Co-Supervisor Date of Registration
1 Ph.D. in Management Pandya Kinjal Milan 2020000900191004 Changing Dynamics of Market for Regional Cinema and Strategies for Survival: A Case of Gujarati Film Industry  Dr. Neha Shah  31-Dec-20
2 Ph.D. in Management Ramchandani Kumar Mangaram 2020000900191006 A study of macroeconomic and bank specific factors affecting financial stability of indian banks  Dr. Siddarth Singh Bist 31-Dec-20
3 Ph.D. in Management Deshpande Rucha Ajit 2020000900191015 Impact of Organizational Citizenship behaviour on employee performance IT Industry in Gujarat  Dr. Himani Sheth 31-Dec-20
4 PhD in Management Rutuja Tarun Joshi 2020000900192026 A study on perceived service quality dimensions for UNESCO World heritage sites in Gujarat Dr. Bilva Desai 31-Dec-20
5 Ph.D. in Entrepreneurship and Innovation Shah Vandit Giteshbhai 2020000900291020 The Impact of Covid-19 on Indian  MSMEs and path for revival Dr. Dinesh Awasthi 31-Dec-20
6 Ph.D. in Applied Sciences Gadani Maulesh Nitinbhai 2020000900391009 Delayed programmed cell death of Gut beneficial Bacteria under Microbiology  Dr. Viral Shukla  31-Dec-20
7 PhD in Mechanical Engineering Patel Manishkumar Vishnubhai 2020000900492022 Ahmedabad BRTS - Electric bus routing and scheduling optimization  Dr. Diptesh Patel 31-Dec-20
8 Ph.D. in Computer Engineering Anu Thomas 2020000900591001 A personalised Recommender System for Self-Directed Indian School Students Dr. K P Agrawal 31-Dec-20
9 Ph.D. in Computer Engineering Patel Prayagkumar Madhavlal 2020000900591013 Computer Vision Based Food Calorie Measurement and Dietary assessment Dr. A .C Suthar 31-Dec-20
10 Ph.D. in Computer Engineering Shaikh Zishan Iqbalbhai 2020000900591021 Resource provisioning and Deprovisioning in cloud computing using auto scaling Dr. Gayatri S Pandi / Dr. K.H. Wandra 31-Dec-20
11 Ph.D. in Computer Science Kamiya P. Sharma 2020000900691003 Design an Efficient model of digital Identify management in Block Chain Dr. Monica Gahlawat 31-Dec-20
12 Ph.D. in Computer Science Minapara Mamadbhai Ganibhai 2020000900691007 A Novel Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO) based algorithm for multiple graph coloring  Dr. Jignesh Doshi  31-Dec-20
13 Ph.D. in Computer Science Aasofwala Nasrinbanu Aarifbhai 2020000900691010 Gujarati Speech to Sign language Communication Model for deaf and dump people  Dr. Shanti Verma / Dr. Kalyani Patel 31-Dec-20
14 Ph.D. in Computer Science Thakker Ritisha Ratilal 2020000900691014 A Comprehensive Approach to Mitigate Risk and Secure Huge Healthcare Data generated by IoMT devices  Dr.Jignesh Doshi  31-Dec-20
15 Ph.D. in Computer Science Singh Sheenu 2020000900691018 Security and trust issues in Fog computing Dr. Meetu Joshi / Dr. H.B. Bhadka 31-Dec-20
16 Ph.D. in Computer Science Sona Akash Thakkar 2020000900691019 Prediction of SLA Violation in Fog Computing  Dr. Monica Gahlawat 31-Dec-20
17 PhD in Computer Science Pathan Muquitkhan Gulamjafarkhan 2020000900692023 Use of Emerging Disruptive Technologies in Business Analytics for MSME Dr.Rinkal Sardhara 31-Dec-20
18 PhD in Computer Science Joshi Parth Devendrakumar 2020000900692025 Prediction of Participant's Depth of Involvement by analysing and correlating both the Implicit & Explicit behavioural aspects using computer vision  Dr. Bhavin M. shah 31-Dec-20
19 PhD in Computer Science Sangeeta Vijay Rajole 2020000900692027 Optimized model for data management in data lakes Dr.Monica Gahlawat 31-Dec-20
20 Ph.D. in Pharmacy Bhatt Krutibahen Indravadan 2020000900791005 Preparation and evaluation of opthalmic in situ gel of Itraconazole Dr. Shreeraj Shah  31-Dec-20
21 PhD in Pharmacy Nidhi Hareshkumar Jadav 2020000900792024 Phytochemical Screening & Pharmacological Activity Evaluation of Hygrofila aurialata Dr. Jignesh Shah 31-Dec-20
22 PhD in Pharmacy Sunil Kumar 2020000900792028 Analytical Method Development & Validation for dissolution study & comparison of dissolution profile of oral solid dosage form as per Biowaiver guidelines  Dr. Dilip Maheshwari  31-Dec-20
23 Ph.D. in Philosophy and Theology Pandya Hiteshkumar Vasudev 2020000900891002 A Comparative Study of "Ganitasar - Collection and "Vedic Mathematics" (in the context of Jain and Hindu traditions) Prof. S S Sharma 31-Dec-20
24 Ph.D. in Philosophy and Theology Manish Kumar S. Mehta 2020000900891008 Samyaktva and Dhyana - A Jaina Prespective  Dr. Purnima Mehta 31-Dec-20
25 Ph.D. in Philosophy and Theology Doshi Parita Malraj 2020000900891011 A Crtical Study of Kartavya as contained in Kartavya kaumudi of Acharya Ratnachandraji  Dr. Intaj Malek 31-Dec-20
26 Ph.D. in Philosophy and Theology Kuriya Payalkumari Bharatkumar 2020000900891012 Pachakhan bhasya Dr. Purnima Mehta 31-Dec-20
27 Ph.D. in Philosophy and Theology Gada Jyoti Keshavji 2020000900891016 A Critical Study of Samadhi Maran with reference to Jainism Dr. Intaj Malek 31-Dec-20
28 Ph.D. in Philosophy and Theology Kariya Kanchanben Nanji 2020000900891017 Interpretation of Dreams according to Jain Sacred Texts Dr. Intaj Malek 31-Dec-20