Dr. Rupal Shah belive in 
"The first rule of management is delegation. Don't try and do everything yourself because you can't."    -  Anthea  Turner

Pro. Aashini Shah belive in
"The  only way to learn mathematics is to do mathematics."   - Paul Halmos

"Mathematics is the most beautiful and most powerful creation of the human spirit"  - Stefan Bachan

Pro. Smit Shah belive in
"The Prodcution  of too many userful things results in too many useless people"  - Karl Marx 

"If money is your hope for independence  you will never have it.
The only real security that a man will have in this workd is  a reserve of knowledge, experience, and  ability"  - Henry Ford

"If you don't have vision for the future, then future is threatened to be a repeat of the past"  - A. R. Bernard

Pro. Komal Shah belive in

"To win the marketplace  you must first win the workplace."  - Doug Conant

Pro. Dhaval Shah belive in

"Only lawyers and painters can turn white to black"  - Japanese Praverb

"Success is nothing more than a few simple disciplines, practiced every day."  - Jim Rohn