Director's Message

Dr. N K Shah


L J Institute of Applied Sciences

Greetings and a very warm welcome to L J Institute of Applied Sciences.
L J Institute of Applied Sciences (LJIAS) has already set a benchmark at Undergraduate level which promotes curiosity, learning and application ability among students. LJIAS is emerging as a unique applied science institute in the state due to commitment from its top leadership, highly passionate faculty members and dedicated efforts from its students.

It gives me a great pleasure to introduce our Strategic Plan of Post Graduate programme in Applied Sciences (Biotechnology, Chemistry, Microbiology) at LJ University from academic year 2020-2021. Strategic planning plays a pivotal role in transforming our programmes with full participation from professional academicians and external stakeholders from industries and laboratories. LJIAS aims to overcome pitfalls of education and come up with new methods to identify and make continuous efforts to bridge gaps between Industries and Academics. 

Our core activities will be  centered  on applied learning and teaching, scientific research and entrepreneurial  community  engagement supported by three pillars of Academic Learning through professional academicians, industrial technical skills through experts from various R&D and commercial laboratories, and entrepreneur skills through partnership with industries. 

LJIAS is dedicated to the promotion of a culture of learning and scientific research for its students and staff regionally and globally, as well as committed to deliver academically competent programs of quality to the students. It has established a Board of Advisory Committee where the professional experts will be invited from various sectors such as Agriculture, Dairy, Food, Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Petrochemical, Polymer, Paint, Pigment, and Dye industries as well as various commercial laboratories, to interact with the faculty members and students to enhance the technical skills leading to employability. 

We aim to  inculcate theoretical knowledge of applied sciences, intellectual skills and analytical abilities through professional academicians so as to qualify the students for various national level entrance examinations.  Significant entrepreneurial training programmes and Start-up projects in the light of self-sustenance, will be organized for the students in collaboration with Industries and Laboratories. 

LJIAS is a renowned Institute in Gujarat State that promotes a culture of academic excellence, scientific breakthroughs, and high-tech innovation where students learn the joy as well as the rigors of new discovery, and acquire skills of inquiry, evaluation, and communication that provides a foundation for the next phases of their careers and lives. I would encourage the young minds to take advantage of this great opportunity and join us in our endeavor to actively contribute to the overall improvement of this increasingly globalized society.

Without Knowledge, Skill cannot be focused

                        Without Skill , Strength cannot be brought to bear and 

                                Without  Strength, Knowledge may not be applied.”

-- Alexander the Great


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