Are you a Gujarati-medium student aspiring for speaking English fluently?

Are you a Gujarati-medium student aspiring for speaking English fluently?
  • 29 Dec, 2021
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In my career as an English teacher since 2000, I have often been observing that the students from vernacular medium do well in learning English language.
There are two approaches to learning this language.

1. Fluency Approach
2. Foundational Approach

The students from English medium in schools obviously are fluent and more confident in speaking English language. However, this fact does not guarantee the fundamental knowledge of grammar and other rules for learning the language systematically. As the students of Gujarati medium in schools emphasize on the systematic way of learning the language, they give more time in studying the rules of grammar, spellings, punctuations, syntax etc. In the process of learning such complex rules of the language, they tend to remain weak in fluency. Gujaratis are blamed for having poor skills in English communication. This can be one of the reasons why there is no dynamic IT industry in Gujarat like Bangalore. This can also be the reason for poor ratio when it comes to passing civil service examinations. Then, why is it so that Gujaratis fail in smooth speaking of English even though they know the language better? And what can be done to achieve fluency of the language? Hera are some tips for gaining eloquence in English language.

1. Reading English Newspaper daily
Reading all the headlines and crux of the newspaper reports will surely build strong vocabulary. Try to read two full reports of your liking daily. Do not stop until you are confident enough to speak the language effortlessly.

2. Watching English Movies/Programs/News
We all have cable connection at homes. So why not utilizing it for skill-building? Watch HBO or other English movie channels at least twice a week. It will give you good listening practice.

3. Work in a group
Find out such friends who also want to be self-assured in English speaking desperately. Decide with them the time, probably half an hour a day, when you will tête-à-tête only in English. In a few days, you will not have to struggle for finding apt words for your talks.

4. Listening English Commentary
We all love cricket. Instead of focusing on watching cricket, one must pat heed to the way commentators speak and narrate the game. It is the most effective way of mixing fun with learning the language. Not only listen to the commentary, try to deliver it in your local games.

5. Reading English Novels
With the advent of social media, we have almost forgotten reading fiction. Do start it for the sake of learning the language.

6. Calling to the customer-care
We often call to the customer care for queries. Make sure that you speak in English. Let it be broken English but do not switch to other language.

7. Watch English web-series
Most of us are crazy for watching web-series. We have our own favorite list for watching it. Make sure to add an English web-series to the list.

8. Take help of apps
If you are beginner and want to improve your daily English conversation skills, these apps are really useful. These apps will help you learn English faster and better.

DuoLingo LingoDeer
Sentence Master Pro Learn English with Babble

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